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Paint CansApplying new coats of paint, sealant, and/or gloss to your home’s interior or exterior is no easy task, and it’s not as simple as one might think. Rife with intricacies to consider, details to work out, and unexpected snags to untangle, mistakes are easy for the inexperienced to make and even the simplest slip-up will take time and resources to amend. That’s why painting a home is no easy undertaking for the inexperienced or those that are easily-frustrated.

Fortunately, that’s why we’re here. Ben’s Painting provides quality painting services for both house interiors and exteriors – with our years of experience, deep-seated knowledge of the painting trade’s tools and tricks, and an acute eye for detail, we’ve been providing Morris County NJ with prompt and professional painting services for over 7 years. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that our home painting services come with a 3-year guarantee. Give us a call today and help us make Morris County NJ more beautiful, one home at a time!

House Exterior Painting Services

Is your house exterior paint faded?  Does it lack the deep rich color you chose for it, or is it peeling, cracking or worse?  Our exterior painting process assures you a thick, rich paint coating and that your chosen color will not fade for many years (we use true premium paint products).

House Interior Painting Services

How does your interior paint look?  Has it been quite a few years since the last paint or do you have a color change in mind?  Our interior painting process will make your interior paint look right out of the can!  And the tight corners DIY people can never seem to get right, just watch our trained hands cut those corners tight and right.  That is, of course, one reason professional painters get better results.

Ben’s Paint Provides Quality House Painting Services

Painters look upon their field as a craft. When you choose Ben’s Painting, your home receives the attention to detail that you should expect from a professional painter, no excuses. We make our living by earning referrals.  Painting contractors do not all share our commitment to long term quality business relationships.  Last year over 70% of our business was referral based.

When you order professional painting services from Ben’s Paint,
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Additional Services by Ben’s Painting & Co.

In addition to painting, Ben’s Painting is associated with a wide range of local Morris County contractors. If your home or office needs lighting, wiring, switches, fuses or other electrical work done, we can refer you to an electrician we know and trust. If you need minor sheetrock work done, we can repair holes in walls and cover up minor breaks. We can recommend contractors who specialize in large jobs for major sheetrock relacement. We can provide common carpentry services including door repairs, windor repairs, and flooring, from tile to wood to carpeting and more. And again, if you need a full time carpenter, we can recommend a local company that will treat your job well.